Lost in society

“You were never born. They never let you to born.”

“Son, who you want to be, when you grow up?”

“Albert Einstein”

“Great doctor”




“Prime minister”

These used to be the replies when we were little kids. We did have different and vast visions.  We didn’t know what doctor means, nor we knew how to be a doctor, but as we saw a doctor dressed in fancy clothes, driving a luxurious car, each time praised by our parents and we made a mindset “I will be a doctor.”

We were the birds flying freely in the open sky. We had great dreams. Really great. We had the eagerness to make man fly in air, to make great discoveries, to earn huge amount of money, to lead the country, to be a great businessman, to be the best soccer. We were unknown to this world.

Whatever we used to see, we didn’t observe, we just saw it without any filter.

But, as we grew up, we became more and more familiar with this wordly living. We became conscious of where we were.

We started to be mature. And then, slowly our dreams narrowed. Although our interests expanded, real interests narrowed. We started to see change. We metamorphosed. We tried to fit in the society. We, then, began to think as the rest thought. We wore, as others were wearing. We listened to the music, which others were listening. We discovered our hobbies as others were having.

We got to know new places, that were visited centuries ago. We saw an old face but didn’t recognize it. We didn’t see a known face in stranger land, rather we saw a stranger face in known land. We followed the others.

Our likes and dislikes were conditioned by others. Anyhow, we made an escape and went to fit timidly in the society. Our dreams changed, aspirations changed. We lost ourselves. We chased through the path, that had been paved by others.

We were not “we”. Neither we were “them”. Tragedy is, we were no one. We were neither at this bank, nor at the other. We were at the middle of a river, on a small boat. Even it was rented. We didn’t have the guarantee of our living. Flood would destroy us anytime.

Time passed so quickly that we even didn’t realize we were changed. We even didn’t get to know where we were standing.

We did, what others said and asked for their own benefits. We became what others wanted to see us. We didn’t take risks. We feared of others. We feared to stand alone. We feared to hear our inner callings. We feared of everything. We were lost-Lost in the society.

And eventually, we saw an old man with white hair in the mirror and realized we played it safe. Life was over.

Then, we just did a single task- regret! Regret of following the crowd blindly, regret of not doing what we could do, regret of not being true to ourselves, regret of craving, regret of not taking risks, regret of playing it safe, regret of choosing.

In a nutshell, we regretted of not living the life that we have always dreamed of. We didn’t live at all. For the whole life, we followed and followed and followed.

And at the deathbed, we made a single wish “I may go back to relive my lost life again.”



Sometimes, we feel as if we are dead. Completely down.

We can’t stand on our own feet. The world becomes miserable and so does our life. We become rigid stone to be moved ahead. Our dreams shatter. We lose everything. Past and future merge into the present and we travel into the single time, this time, this misery. We become a lone tree in a dense forest.

Nobody gives a hand of support. We, then, are isolated. Everyone turn their faces seeing at us.

We walk a lonely road. Then there comes, these As to accompany us, to guide us, to be a part of our misery. These As– special persons – the god’s messenger. They come like the breeze and sweep away our agony.

These As don’t let us down again. They help us to hold the umbrella. When they see us swimming, they jump into the water without caring about the depth of water. They trust us. They care for us.

On the other hand, sometimes we are immensely cheerful. Our happiness exceeds the boundary. We feel like dancing on the road. And then we see a cheerful face coming to share our happiness. Again these As come and make us realize that real joy lies within us.

Or sometimes we’ve just ordinary life. We move on as the time passes. And again As come like wind and stuck to our life. They compel us to think out of the box.

In one or other way, these As come to our life. These special people. These special friends. They become the important gadget of the life. The leave an un erasable mark, for which we are indebted for our whole life. They don’t judge us. Whatsoever the situation is, they never forget to endeavor to bring a smile on our face.

We row the same boat, but yet the boat moves ahead cause we don’t row in different directions.

A text of ‘good morning’ is enough from them. That makes our day better. They make us feel as if we have known to them from centuries ago. They make us feel the worthiest person in the whole world. They don’t question about our past, neither worry about future. They make our present presence.

They don’t care what we’ve been for; they care what we’re for.

These As don’t ask why we’re crying, they simply join our crying. They sob. They and we, together climb the tree but the one who reaches the top is us. They remain below us to hold when we fall down. They sit with us at the middle of a big desert and listen to our gossips. They don’t get bothered. Perhaps they pretend of not being.

They needn’t have to reply to our talks; just only listening excites our heavenly feelings. We needn’t have to ask them for favor. They complete it before asking. They are our mind reader. They never betray us. Even their betrayal happens to be for our own sake. They never let us feel we’re alone.

However, they sometimes are not less than Charlie chaplain. They make us laugh the hell out of us. They call during our class hours just to make our phone seized. They make us feel jealous. They make us feel angry. But above all they are our friends. Our companions. They deserve it.

Being an introvert, I never am able to make much friends. I am not among the tagged ‘sociable people’. I admit it. I don’t make friends because I fear that I’ve to converse with them.

And they can’t understand what I’m talking and I can’t get what they are saying. I am afraid that I may make them bored. I am afraid that I won’t be able to sustain our friendship much longer. I am afraid that I might make their days nasty. And then, all remains is me, only me!

However, I have been able to make a bond between few people. My amigos. My As. Maybe lord created them for me in this fantasy world. Maybe they have been asked to help this idiot in this strange land.

I feel lucky to have these As. I am terribly pleased 😉 Thank you for being a firefly in this dark night. I am not gonna leave you alone.