An appeal From the Tomb

Every nationalism is jingoism and all nationalists are xenophobes.

Everyone or if not most of you may snatch away the felicitation from this burial and instead commence a vituperation, if I utter these expressions making them audible to you. But, what can I do? or what is possible to be done? nothing! friends, nothing at all!

An endless prosecution may continue against me and the labellings of ‘inhuman’, ‘criminal’ ‘corrupted one’, ‘terrorist’, ‘anarchist’ and many more stimulative derrogations may rise with the persistent loathings around my tombstone. But please do look at me! look at my condition. Perceive this cemetery where you bow down and offer the flowers once a year. Behold my corpse, which you use to inject the same venom onto the new comers, the same old lie ‘dulce at decorum est. Yes, that absolute lie as told by Owen, witnessed by my experience whom you call a martyr.

‘die for the nation to live for the eternity in every hearts, minds and commemorations’. This incarceration though gold-plated, stands as the quintessence of being a human. A blind nationalist always stinks with this miasma with his beautiful shell of great ideals and locutions. Look! what a nonsense, the humanity is treated inferior to nationality.

The leader finds thousand and one ways to hammer in the idealism of dedication and sacrifice which can be manipulated and enslaved to prolong the animalistic quality of power hungry attitude to be seated on a pedestal on the top. Yes, the very witness is talking to you in reference to his experiences of getting scapegoated. First, tell me, Please! tell me, where can you find the line of demarcation or dissociation in the whole planet besides in the map. Tell me, where ends India and starts Pakistan? Tell me, where begins Asia leaving back the Europe? Where? Where? Please! Do tell, answer me, because I was one of those who bit the dust by your imposed lessons of ‘die for the nation’ and ‘nationality ought not to be relinquished or even forfeited even if a gori Holi is to be organized.

So, you must show me the real and existential boundaries or the area of separation made by your ‘God’ under whose approval, you assert is making you to partake in your supposed Jihad and consequently makes you victorious in the armageddon. Please! I request you to show me the permanent territory of Korea and guide me through the original limit of Germany. Nothing much, but just create a bunfire of all your maps and seek for the actual line of isolation. And remember once again, I have every authority to demand because this very madness instilled in my blood and bones made me to combat for the virtual nationality which I now discover was a mirage and a greatest delusion.

‘die for the nation’, this vulgarity you might have eaten thousands of times and digested too. But, has anyone told you ‘live for the nation?’ no, my friends! absolutely not! Who wants the development or progress of the world. If they talk about transformations and development too, they want your nation to stand at first winning over all other remaining areas. If they tell you to live too, they are making you strong or moreover a lifeless robot to stand in the firstline to give them an interesting horror movie out of which they can have a beautiful timepass.

As a member of armed force, you are identified by your number tags. Look at such dehumanizations. If you die, nothing happens, just a number tag becomes no longer able to battle and therefore a replacement is needed. Fi over those cunningness and betrayals. When you say that you would be ready to die for the shake of your nationality, you don’t know what you are saying. You are saying that I prioritize illusion over reality, destruction over creativity, violence over peace and death over life. Don’t you feel ashamed to advocate peace, prosperity, serenity and stability under the foundation of violence? Can war and peace coexist? Have you ever seen polar opposites meeting? yeah, they can be merged in logics and treated as complementaries but life exists beyond philosophies and intellects.

From inside my coffin, I strongly oppose it and time and again repeat the same thing that ‘humanity can never be greater to nationality.’ Please! don’t blunder much to protect outward vanity in the name of glory or identity at the expense of human life which can never be compromised for anything. But we are the people with multiple disability if subtly examined. Psychopathology of inferiority complexes, ego gratifications can provide us any platform to burst out and exhibit our bruteness. Thus enabling us to commit a suicide or if not a homicide with a beautiful exterior labelling. It’ll continue with all the way it happened with me. Humanity will continue to slaughter one another just in the name of a certain principles it developed. What a pity. you die hanged on the chains created by you and still don’t stop it calling a victory and those chains as ornaments. But let this wretched soul from his sepulcher repeat and pray that nationality is not and can never be greater to humanity.

Have you ever thought? perhaps not. Because, you have already forgotten thinking. You know-not what, how and why to think. Mechanical broiler life is your comfort which you never wanna lose. But let me ask you to think though you won’t. The nation and nationality or such splits are diplomatic ways to say that you are great and you are the best. The only thing is that you can’t directly expose your feeling of superiority. Hence, you need a hanger to tie up your pride. And, ask yourself, what you got out of it? Why this horror movie never makes you fade up?

Why a temptation towards acrimoniousness? why do you want to create fake enemies and indulge in the savageness instigating all? everyonesays my nation is great. Duh fools! can you never interrogate back that which is the best? position is one and claims are of all. Can you never see the stupidity of such contentions? But no! You won’t, as I too didn’t when I was the person like you. You always glorify such areas and record in your history which is again needed to butcher the upcoming generations and perpetuate this bloody game advocating the ideals like equality, independence, peace, stability and all fake promises to let you have contact with horizon in its solid form.

With negligible hope that you may read or listen to me, I lastly request you all to wipe out the marks and erase the dusts gathered. Let the lines stained by ichor be cleansed and no signs of antagonism towards other people or supposed nations to last further. Let universalization come and let my ghost to rest peacefully. Let me reveal you a secret that all those temptations about heaven and frights about hell told to you are fallacious. I am narrating you my experiences that when I was taken to purgatory, the God didn’t let me in and instead felt me even misfit to the hell.

Therefore, I have become a wanderous spirit with all anguishes and torments in myself not even being able to repent my mistakes which I commited in the name of greater ego called nationalism. God was wearied that the person like me may even create splits in the hell and initiate a war and label it in his name creating a barbarious violence. So, my plea to all to let the world universalize. The universe is one therefore ‘uni’ not splited ‘multi’.

My last request to let this nomad rest peacefully. God told that the day world becomes one with no nations and nationalities and no conflicts, you’ll get deliverance. Please! To let my soul in the kingdom of God and to pay respect to me if you have any, let these boundaries dissolve and let the venomous snake of jingoism covered by the moderate word ‘patriotism’ die as soon as possible.

Source: Request for Universalism. (An Appeal from The Tomb)


5 thoughts on “An appeal From the Tomb

  1. Passionate piece … thought you might like this poem by Thomas Hardy:

    His Country

    I journeyed from my native spot
    Across the south sea shine,
    And found that people in hall and cot
    Laboured and suffered each his lot
    Even as I did mine.

    Thus noting them in meads and marts
    It did not seem to me
    That my dear country with its hearts,
    Minds, yearnings, worse and better parts
    Had ended with the sea.

    I further and further went anon,
    As such I still surveyed,
    And further yet – yea, on and on,
    And all the men I looked upon
    Had heart-strings fellow-made.

    I traced the whole terrestrial round,
    Homing the other side;
    Then said I, “What is there to bound
    My denizenship? It seems I have found
    Its scope to be world-wide.”

    I asked me: “Whom have I to fight,
    And whom have I to dare,
    And whom to weaken, crush, and blight?
    My country seems to have kept in sight
    On my way everywhere.”


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