Can learning be any cooler?

You learned and you forgot ‘cause you were never learning

The sea of desks and benches; crowded hallways and stairs, plus shitty cafeteria food.

And on top of that, the demarcation of students according to their grades. It would especially suck when you are a regular poor grader. A class full of nerds or a class full of dumb-dumbs. Isn’t your school?

Do you think your school could be any cooler than that? Of course they can because they are to begin with.

Now let us imagine a school where one would want to be. Even though, the words cool and school rhymes, they never go well together, not conventionally. But with a little bit imagination, we might come with some ideas, that might just make your school cool, even though they never will be.

For instance, I would want school that would allow the students to demarcate themselves; a school of freewill where the school provides classes on various subjects and the students only attend the ones they are interested in.

The school of freewill, in my opinion, can sharpen the skill of students, not just make them memorize the bullshits which you are never going to see again. You would feel free to say anything to anybody and not feel sorry. You would discover yourself and act accordingly. The lectures wouldn’t be the sleeping tablet.

You wouldn’t be called a donkey or a monkey. Even though you hear, you would make it more funnier. You wouldn’t be learning the book- instead you would be tearing it into twenty pieces and throw it in dustbin. You would be more creative. You would be a well-educated lion not the well-trained one.

Your school could be a better place.

But, Is that possible?

Yes its possible only if you are a day-dreamer!


11 thoughts on “Can learning be any cooler?

  1. I think there is already quite a bit of freedom in learning. Schools should (in my opinion) teach about how to think (logic / reasoning) and how to know (research, checking references) because in this, the information age, we are not turning out students who are handy with information. They are gullible to propaganda (meme, garbage websites) and far too easily swayed. And, actually, not just current students: adults are also, by and large, not equipped with sufficient reasoning skills. Thanks for making me think. 🙂

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    • There is!
      Should school teach “how to learn” instead of “what to learn”, it would make a great change.
      Thank you sooo much for your beautiful words 😊😀


  2. Very interesting. I like the idea of self determined learning but it would face stiff opposition from those who believe that people don’t have the ability to see what is going to be good for them in later life. So they make it compulsory.
    I guess they would also observe that it is not very easy to know which subjects will inspire.
    But I agree that the best way to learn is determined by the learner rather than the teacher who won’t adapt his/her style.
    I’ve started rambling, but I really enjoyed some of your posts and look forward to reading more.

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    • Yeah, At first It would be difficult.very much difficult actually but as it becomes the trend, there would be a drastic change in the education system.
      one has to fail hundred times before reaching the summit. The students, if they are given “freedom” to choose on their own , may be they will be wrong too but eventually, they will make their path and escape out of the maze. It only matters when one reaches top- at least for the viewers 😀
      Thank you very much for you kind words 🙂


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