A dreamer!

“Let your dreams be alive. Don’t bury them within you”

Once in a blue moon, he arrives from nowhere, plays a game, startles the world, make us speechless, creates the history, leaves a legacy and goes nowhere. He just leaves a mark making our heart shiver and boiling every drop of blood in the body.

  He is a sun. Every morning he rises up, scatter the rays, reaches the climax, penetrates the deep rooted belief and sets down. He waits for the moon, giving him the complete power and just observe. Next day, again he rises up to make us sure that he is there. But, that one day is worth a century. He comes just to remind us that there exists that one day.

  He is a dreamer. He dreams of the things that you even don’t dare in your wildest dream. He dreams of the things that were tagged impossible. He comes out with a new passion, a new fire. He knows anybody can give up and he also knows he is not anybody.

He was a freak. A moron. He sounded crazy. He used to be an odd crane. He was called a dumb.

And now, he himself is a history. He is a stone found deep inside the ocean which you’re never gonna reckon. An idiot is now a wise person. A blunt knife, now has a sharp edge.

That nerd 😀

Mr. Dreamer, oh dreamer!!


39 thoughts on “A dreamer!

  1. Your thoughts are sooo good! Astonishing words! Thank you too for following my blog. I’m just starting and learning 🙂 More power!

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  2. These words… I don’t know how did you set them in such an amazing manner…I mean, I really don’t know how to express it exactly. But you really did leave me fired up. Walking through that boulevard of your words, I saw the shadow of that dreamer and could feel him right here in my chest. Thusbwork of yours is really very inspiring. Thank you.

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  3. Such a great post, I believe that “Dream is a mental picture of life” and once human can dream, actions should be taken to make such dream a reality.

    Below are my motivational post related to dream and vision:




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