“It’s a trust that holds you together”

It doesn’t have to be a fully planned trap, neither a fully packed rage. It’s just a word-a single word that can make you apart; that it can be the sole block between you and her. It can shatter the dreams that you were having. It can make you the person, who you never were.

It can change you.

It can metamorphose you.

No, it’s not a revenge. It’s just a single word. The sleepless nights turn into a memory. The countless affection that you have had change into a neutral hatred.

You needn’t to say who you are. It justifies itself. You are having the rage. It’s reflecting in your blinking eyes. It can’t be concealed.

It makes you a rebel. Yes, a single word which you have never imagined to hear, even not in your wildest dream, makes you to do so.

You don’t know the source from where and when , it emerged. But you are very sure, it was from the person whom you trusted most. It was by the person with whom you’ve always dreamt of sharing everything. It was from the one who never was deceptive.

That simple word has the vigorous power to make you move on. You’d never imagined. But it’s real.

Yet, remember you gotta move on.

Go ahead!