Hey, I am a bird!

High above the ground, I fly. I am a bird. My imprisoned soul is now free. Now I don’t sense the hideous bars that had caged me. I scrutinize here and there, but I find no one. There’s nobody.

Above, there’s a clear blue sky.

There’s a pool of freedom around me, but an ocean inside.

I fly high.

I hover. Oh, I feel my flapping feathers. Oh, there’s a smile on my face. Damn, there’s a ring of joy. I feel it. This arrow directly hits my soul and penetrates it. My goodness, happiness outbursts. It comes out of me, surrounds me and tries to spread along every possible direction. I fly a bit high.

There’s a sense of calmness. I don’t stop. I reach the summit, jump from one to another. I move ahead. I strive for more.

  There’s cold coming. My feathers smile; they can cover me now. Their warmth provides me the wrath. I go forward. There’s a smiley face high above, smiling at me. O, that’s the sun. I smile back and forge to reach him. Dammit, I can’t, it’s freaking hot. Some things aren't  meant to get close to, just appreciate from far. I hear a voice. It’s the cloud. I bid goodbye to the sun and fly down to the cloud.

I sit on him. Holy, I could sit on forever. We dance together, we laugh, we make weird moves. Who cares? Pushing him makes the rain fall. The raindrop, in a blink, disappears. I follow him. Woho, I am falling freely. Something is attracting me. I fall on a tree. It makes me feel sing. My chirping gathers the attention of all the trees there. They listen to me quietly. They all are joyous, swinging back and forth, clapping, whistling.

All of a sudden, wind starts blowing. It just grabs my collar and takes me with him. We reach at a large meadow. My my… the stillness persuades me. The openness makes me hover again and again. I start flying from the corner. And there, I see some tiny creatures at the middle of meadow. I fly near.

Woho, wohoo, wohooo… there’s a flock of birds. They see me and wave. God, I am howling. My excitement exceeds the limit. I hug them and there’s a whole new environment. We talk, we laugh, we sing, we dance, we howl. We are weirdo.

And, we fly again. We fly high: high above the hills, high above the mountains, deep inside the soul. We fly into the solace. We fly sharing our happiness. We fly on and on.


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