Escaping out of maze

I go nearby, face the wall and change the direction. I don’t go further because I am afraid there may be a next wall.

I search for the coins, from which I had made a path. If I find, I return from where I had started. If not, I search and search and search. If I get lucky to return, I begin for next path ’cause I’m obliged not to stay there.

And again I face the wall, solid; rather bigger than before. What I can do. Again return back. Still I don’t lose hope. I march for next. I don’t have hope to leave a trial. Just get the warm rays of sunshine. It will be more.

Needless to say, I’m in a big maze. There are many ways to get out but none of them secures my wayout. However, among them, one is the right path that will help me to get out.

I gotta search for that ‘One’. It is dark everywhere. A single ray of light will be like a white spot on black shirt. It’s very dark. I can’t see anything. I just predict there to be a path and march ahead. If I get lucky, I find a narrow lumen.Otherwise, I get hurt by a bouncy wall and return back. I strive for water but I don’t find anything. Then slowly thirst fades away. My thirst knows well to adapt accordingly. No one is there. I am alone. I ain’t know whether it’s day or light but I’m sure I haven’t died; I am alive ,for, heaven wouldn’t be dark like this.

Even the little smile of angel would lighten up the scenario. My mother used to dictate to me from fairytales when I would get tough to sleep. Oh, I miss her badly now.

There are many choices but I can’t choose even a single one. What a tragedy! I fear. I fear of everything. Even I fear of escaping out of the maze thinking what I will do then. Sometimes, I myself create the fear, stimulates it.

I am living in a feary world, full of fears. And I don’t risk to go ahead. I get stuck to the same place from where I commenced and will end my journey as well. I am trapped. Oh lord! Let me know why only to me!!

I am tired. I’ve searched every path or atleast went through every way. But I haven’t found that “One”. When will I find it?

Where is my holy god? I’ve heard he helps the people in difficulty. Doesn’t he think I am in misery? Is he calling me to heaven or testing my patience?

Whatever he’s doing but I won’t give up easily. I will struggle till my last breathe; till I can feel the blood rushing in my veins; till my heart stops beating; till I find Hercules battling in me. I won’t let the sense of humanity go in vain.

I have come here far away and I ain’t gonna stop. I am not a rebel though, but not less than that. I will prove him wrong. I will grab every breath.

Amidst the darkness, I have come to search for light!


Do problems really exist??

“You never lived in reality. you were wandering in the illusory real-that you never got out through.”

Problems. Well we face everyday, every moment, everywhere.

Noone is free from problems. We are the victims of them. Either we face them or surpass them. In one or other way, we are trapped by the net of problems.

Especially we, teenagers. We are the slave of problems. They are our master. They bind our neck with a flexible rope which we never succeed to break.

A single problem can be the cause of end of someone’s life. A person may suicide. That single problem may be the loss of everything. It takes away rest. It takes away smile from someone’s face. It is the cause of every misery. It seizes your precious time, which you would be enjoying.

In a nutshell, problems never let you live freely. It has the power to move you. Probably in the negative direction. It’s a never ending process. It just ignites a spark, and you kindle the fire. Then it burns faster than you have imagined.

Now you’re compelled to add more just like a priest adding ghee in Hawan enchanting mantra swaha 😉 (not intended to hurt feelings though

But let me ask you, Do theproblems really exist?? Are they real?

Everybody is facing problems and how dare I to question about their reality! Probably you are thinking crazy about me.

But, yeah, there is no doubt that problems are real but I say, the perception we have about their reality may be imaginative. May be problems do not exist. Maybe our mind is a factory which creates problem. Maybe problems are illusion.

The most common and chronic problem of we, teenagers- relationship problem.

Since they say love is blind, not to say much :p. but still. Breakup has been a common issue. After they are separated, they don’t feel hungry. They distant themselves from family, relatives, so that they can forget each other. They lack concentration. And they feel insomnia.

Overall speaking, they are affected badly. And to this, we call it a problem. Have you ever scrutinized this issue deeply? If you do, you will find no any problem. It’s just an illusion. We live in illusion.

That boy is not only a boyfriend. Simultaneously, he is a son of parents; friend of friends; a student in school; may be an employee; and a citizen as well. The problem occurs when he forgets his every other role and just thinks he is boyfriend.

Where is boyfriend? –only in his mind, nowhere else. Suppose all his memories related to that girl are erased; he doesn’t have any past of her; he is blank about her, will he still love her if he meets her next time? Probably not. Now she will only be an ordinary girl. Nothing more.

Thus, problem lies with memory. Memory is the real problem. However memory can’t be faded away. If we realize, problem is the outcome of feeling and feeling, the result of past; then where is our problem?? Beneath the leg or above the head?

We are just stuck to an illusion. An illusion which shadows the reality, and acts real. Instead of searching for man, we search the shadow which will only be seen in day/moonlight.

Let’s get out of the trap and make it new. Be a tree; branches may be swinging but the trunk is still rigid. Help the branches to swing with right amplitude!

We are the evil light in glowing shadows.

But, have we been acquaintance to it?