Baby, I love you. I love the all of you. Each and everything of you. Just let me love like that. You’re mine. Completely mine.

I don’t need to hear about the angels from the fairy-tales. She is just here, in front of me, closest to me.
I want you. I need you.

I want you to hold my hands and walk miles and miles ahead. I want you to grab me and push me in the water, though I may be hydrophobic.

I want you to call me idiot. I just want you to be mine. My dream girl! I want ya’ to be pictured in every fairy-tales.
Do me a favor. Hold me tightly till I forget I’m in your arms. Give me a hug that will vanishes my pain, that I will see my mirage in your eyes, that I will lose myself to be found by you.

Oh, dear! Let me like you, the way you are.
Just come and sit beside me. Just be that sole moon that imparts the light from sun to show my path in the darkest of dark. Just be that rising sun to give me a hope to live. Just make me your slave.

Tighten my neck with the rope of your love and pull me. Be my master. Help me to roam around and see you in front of me, see you engraved our name in every stone that we walk by.

Let me be the mirror of you. Crying when you cry and smiling when you smile. Dashingly soft!
Let me clear the debt of your love.

Let me be the reason for your smile. Let me be the rain when you thunder. Let me be the warms rays of your morning sunshine. Let me capture the dancing picture of you. Let me be the smell of you; flower blossoming. Let me….Just let me!
May we sit at the end of a meadow and observe the lowland below us. May we be the two neighboring stars in the bright sky and watch the clouds floating below us.

May we be the ripples in water. May we dream the same dream and share one another’s as if it was different.

May we be Mr.Romeo and Ms.Juliet.
I wanna be you. Your reflection.

I’m gonna imitate the way you speak. I wanna be the wind and touch your lips. Honey, be as you are.

You’re already my imagination.
C’mon, let’s make our love story to be remembered in millions of days to come!!


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